Sharing wird Alltag - Gemeinsam für das Klima in Münster

More offers for borrowing instead of buying!

There are great solutions in Münster that complement ours. We work for the same goal and support each other.

Is a library of things that has an extensive fund of practical items available for lending. The things are available at Steinfurter Str. 79 and the Mensa am Ring. We know each other for years, exchange experiences and draw attention to each other.  

Is a library of things with an interesting selection of rarely used things that are simply borrowed via the book card. Plus online tutorials on how to use them and future workshops with VHS. Great team that opens up opportunities for us to become known.  

Collaboration with organizations

These groups are advancing sustainable topics in Münster - also working with us for sharing in private groups.

This initiative from our hometown is committed to local environmental and nature protection. Together we organized a kick-off event and distributed 1950 drop-in letters. The "Albachten Teilt" depot enables sharing in the local community. 

Organizes participatory projects that integrate sustainability into everyday life. Actively helps us fill internship positions. We work together to bring sharing as an alternative consumption model into Münster's schools as part of ESD.

Networks sustainability actors from Münster and the surrounding area. Organizes the "Tage der Nachhaltigkeit" ("Sustainability Days"), where we have been presenting ourselves for years. Supports us actively in establishing contacts to other activists.   

Collaboration with the City of Münster

The City of Münster has numerous offers for citizens as part of its Münster 2030 sustainability strategy and the goal of achieving climate neutrality by 2030.

Is the city's contact point for all questions relating to sustainable consumption and lifestyles, in particular nature, environmental and climate protection issues. We are planning joint presentations and workshops to promote sharing in Münster in a central location near the Ludgerikreisel.

Cooperation with companies

We work in partnership with these companies to promote sustainable solutions for Münster.

Is our partner with a focus on the positive effect of sharing on local waste prevention. Aims for a waste-free Münster by 2030 as its vision. We work together on ideas on how our app can contribute to this and are actively supported by the awm team in communication.